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Friday, May 6, 2011

What? I'm Stylish Now?

I got a nomination for the Sylish Blogger Award. A big thank you to Klaus from DEI GRECI. Go check out his blog, he's stylish too ;)

This award is an interesting way for us bloggers to show appreciation for each others' work and efforts in the community, and I'm happy to be a part of it. It works kinda like a chain letter, but with no scary "don't forward on to 10 people, and you'll die in a horrible fire" voodoo going on. Just positivity.

Here are the rules:

-- Thank and link back to the person giving you the award (see above)
-- Share seven things about yourself
-- Select 10-15 blogs who you think deserve this award
-- Contact these bloggers and let them know about the award

Seven things, huh? Let's see what I can come up with that would be interesting. My work-history is riddled with crazy accidents and occurrences that seem astounding to some, but I've sort of become accustomed to crazy. Note these are ALL true stories, hit me up in the comments if you would like me to elaborate on any.

1. I got a job as a bus driver in college as a result of being physically thrown through a bus windshield during an almost-accident. I was late for my biochem final at the time, so instead of sticking around for the authorities, I ran the rest of the way to the lecture hall, covered in bits of safety glass. When I didn't sue the school, they offered me a job driving buses.

2. I got over my fear of bees, and promptly regained it during the same job. Out of college I worked as a quality assurance microbiologist for a sugar mill. You can imagine bees are a problem, but due to the availability of sugar, they were extremely docile. You could wave them away, and they'd wait for you to leave. Just as I was getting over my since-childhood fear of them, a silo accident left me covered in sugar syrup... then covered in bees. I freaked.

3. I was locked in a walk-in freezer overnight. Another while-in-college job was at a restaurant. Working late to help the manager take final stock before closing up, she forgot that I was in the freezer, locked up (we locked our walk-ins with padlocks), shut down and left for the night. Luckily the freezer had a shut off switch on the inside ... but the mayo didn't smell too nice the next morning.

4. I was once quarantined for Anthrax exposure. Out of college, I worked as a clinical microbiologist for a large lab. While working in the fungal department, I came across a strain I didn't recognize, and had the fungal supervisor check it out. He thought it was anthrax, and raised the alarm, sealing us in the fungal room for a couple hours. It turned out not to be anthrax, but still...

5. I was once blown out of a vehicle by a commercial jet engine. Another while-in-college job was working in Air Freight at LAX airport for a major air-liner. I worked graveyard shift, and one of my duties was to collect those luggage carts, attach to the back of my go-cart/tractor and return them to Air Freight for the next morning. A pilot decided to turn on one of the planes after-hours just for kicks while I was underneath it. I had a few seconds to react by driving away from it, but it still knocked me out of the go-card, and slid me down the tarmac. He was fired.

6. I once got sprayed with Iodine and looked like an oompa-loompa for a couple days. While working at the same job as #2, we would routinely hire exterminators to control the bee population. I walked around a corner just as he unleashed his back-pack-canistered sprayer at a cloud of bees. Fun fact: Iodine stains your skin deep orange (and is slightly radioactive).

7. I was once held at gunpoint. After I left the microbiology industry due to the health hazards, I entered the advertising industry as an analyst. Did some overtime one summer Saturday, had the whole office building to myself. Got so hot the fire alarm went off. I braced the door with a newspaper for the fire department while I went looking for the source. Apparently bracing the door for them only makes them send the cops in first to check for intruders.

OK, on to the bloggers that I feel should get this award. Please keep in mind that there are WAY more than 10 that deserve it. Feel free to scroll through the blog list to the right for the full list.
In no particular order:

The Hogs of War is a great place for hobby, minis, opinions and gaming in general.
Space Wolves is your go-to place for anything relating to our much loved space vikings.
3++ Is The New Black is an amazing resource for tactics and list-building in a no-nonsense attitude.
The Inner Geek is basically my hobby brother-in-arms. His shit is boss.
Black Matt's Black Legion Blog is a great place for hobby and gaming focused around spikey marines.
Dark Future Games Contests, tutorials, awesome painting, it's all here.
The Back 40K SandWyrm's color-theory articles are invaluable, and the blog's painting and tactics commentary is superb.
The Painting Corps has tons of tips and how-to's around painting and converting.
Musings of a Metal Mind Is a great blog for those of us who like all things machine (even outside 40K)
From the Warp OK, I know this is kind of a cheat. I do know he's already been nominated, but Ron deserves it. I'm seconding (or thirding, perhaps) his nomination >;)

Thanks again to Klaus for the nomination! Much appreciated. :)
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