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Monday, June 21, 2010

Step-By-Step Blood Angel

OK, it's Blood Angel time!

Step 1: Basecoat

Step 2: Mechrite Red
...because Blood Red doesn't go on black so well.

Step 3: Blood Red
You're not a Blood Angel unless it's Blood Red.

Step 4: Fiery Orange
This was used to edge out the armor. Now, left alone the orange highlight actually makes the armor look less red and more ... vermillion, I guess. We'll fix that, trust me.

Step 5: Devlan Mud wash
This was applied ONLY in the recesses to give some depth. I had done a test model where I coat the whole thing in Devlan Mud, and it turned out way too dark. Great if you're looking for the Flesh Tearers red, or the Angels Vermillion. Not so much for Blood Angels. I did find a remedy for that orange, though:

Step 6: Baal Red
Ok, now THIS was coated over all the red. Notice the effect it had on the orange; it brought it closer to the red armor, which is perfect.

Step 7: Charadon Granite
This is for the black gun and sword casing.

Step 8: Fortress Grey
Edging on the gun and sword casing.

Step 9: Boltgun Metal

Step 10: Badab Black
This was for all metal, and for the gun and sword casing.

Step 11: Dheneb Stone
For all scrolls, skulls and purity seals.

Step 12: Shining Gold

Step 13: Mithril Silver
This was drybrushed lightly over all the gold bits as a highlight. I'm setting up a few things here for a Devlan mud wash...

Step 14: Vermin Brown
For all the leather and rope.

Step 15: Bronzed Flesh
This makes a great highlight color when drybrushed over the Vermin Brown leather/rope parts.

Step 16: Devlan Mud
This was washed over all the scrolls, skulls, purity seals, gold bits, and leather/rope bits.

Step 17: Bleached Bone
Build back up the skulls, purity seals and scrolls. Leave the Devlan Mud in the recesses.

Step 18: Skull White
Highlight/drybrush the scrolls, skulls and purity seals.

Step 19: Gryphonne Sepia
Bring back some midtone to the scrolls, skulls and purity seals. Stay away from the white highlights.

Step 20: Skull White
Coat the wings on his armor with white.

Step 21: Asurmen Blue wash

[picture lost to the warp]

Let it on heavy, this is for the shadows, we're going to build back up the highlights with white again...

Step 22: Skull White
re-highlight the wings with white, leaving the Asurmen Blue in the recesses.

Step 23: Iyanden Darksun
This sergeant is a productive member of the 2nd Company, and thus his blood drop is yellow. All my yellows are based in Iyanden, it makes things so much easier.

Step 24: Sunburst Yellow
Nice and bright yellow.

Step 25: Blood Red
This is for all the blood droplets/gems on the armor.

Step 26: Astronomican Grey
There's an odd vial hanging from his wrist. I will fill it with blood (what else would it be?).

Step 27: Scab Red
The blood for the vial. Also, this was applied in the upper sections of all the blood drops/gems on the armor.

Step 28: Fiery Orange
This was applied along the lower rims of the blood drops/gems on the armor.

Step 29: Skull White
This was applied as a small dot of light in the blood drops/gems on the armor. It is best placed within the darker Scab Red area. Also, a thin line of white on the vial to make it look like a glass sheen.

Step 30: Scorpion Green
For the eyes.

Step 31: Chaos Black
Scribblings on purity seals, writing along scrolls, and the bolt pistol gun barrel.

Step 32: Calthan Brown
Base him!

Step 33: Basing sand/Devlan Mud
I glued down some basing sand, then washed in Devlan Mud to darken after the glue was dry.

Well, there he is. I have to admit, getting the red satisfactory was a bit of a challenge. I had to do a few test runs to find the right approach. The Baal Red made the red+orange highlight look great, but didn't add enough depth. The Devlan Mud added depth, but darkened the red too much. The method that I liked was to use both, just using Devlan Mud only in the recesses. What do you guys think?
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