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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Dornian Heresy

I need to give two colossal shout-outs for something that happened this last month. The first one goes out to Elazar the Glorified (The Glorious Works) for making me aware of this. I cannot thank you enough.

The second goes to the team at The Bolter and Chainsword, one of the great 40K communities that exist out there. They are the ones responsible for crafting this great work of art (and I don't just mean the picture above). They wrote the Dornian Heresy.

What's the Dornian Heresy?
Oh man, if you haven't already seen this you are in for a rare treat, my friends. The Dornian Heresy is this amazing pdf document containing 82 pages packed with fluff and images - all centered around a simply amazing "what if" alternate timeline in the 40K universe. What if, as in "What if the Ruinous Powers chose Rogal Dorn instead of Horus?"
A simple, single decision that changes everything. What happens in the heresy? How do things play out? Who are the main players? 82 pages of glory, people, and it's only VOLUME 1. It looks like there's more on the way, and damn am I anxious to see what else they can put out.

You all should check it out, it is good. You can read/download this for free off The Bolter & Chainsword's site HERE.

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