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Monday, April 12, 2010

Step-By-Step Chaos Space Marines

Black Legion is what we're after here. Huddle close to your Emperor, here we go:

Step 1: Basecoat

Step 1: Charadon Granite
This is the first step on how I paint black armor now. It allows me to add depth, something you can't do if you just highlight over black.

Step 3: Codex Grey
These guys were my experiment with highlighting before the wash for black armor. The highlights get lost a little, since this I've been using Fortress Grey to much better effect.

Step 4: Badab Black wash
Nice and thick. This tones down the highlight a bit, brings the Charadon down to an almost-black, and adds depth in all the crevices.

Step 5: Shining Gold
I'm going to start laying down all colors that will be washed with Devlan Mud. With these guys, there's a lot.

Step 6: Dheneb Stone

Step 7: Boltgun Metal
Normally I wash Boltgun Metal with Badab, but for my CSM, I like it a little dirtier. It's going to get hit with Devlan Mud as well.

Step 8: Mechrite Red
Just a basecoat. Cover it with...

Step 9: Blood Red
and then edge/highlight with...

Step 10: Blazing Orange
This is the same method I'll be using on my Blood Angels. It's 4 steps (only because of the foundation paint basecoat).

Step 11: Vermin Fur (Vermin Brown)
This color is still around, it's just been renamed to Vermin Brown. I use this for leather parts.

Step 12: Iyanden Darksun
This is used to paint any chaos symbols on shoulderpads, etc. Horus' Eye, 8-pointed Stars, all the good stuff.

Step 13: Devlan Mud
Get rid of all those bright colors.

Step 14: Tentacle Pink / Skull White
This is for the power weapon effect. I want a red crackling energy weapon, so first up is to get some watered down light pink onto the blade. Heavy on the edges and where you want actual bolts of energy coursing through.

Step 15: Baal Red wash
Make it heavy. The heavier it is, the darker red it will be.

Step 16: Skull White
Pick out the edges/bolts.

Step 17: Calthan Brown
We're on to the base now.

Step 18: Basing sand
Flood the base with watered down PVA (Elmer's) glue after you've already glued it down, to make sure that the sand is sealed.

Step 19: Devlan Mud
This is to darken the sand to where my earth/terrain is done.

Step 20: Solar Macharius Orange
I generally give my CSM a rust-colored base (similar to what I do for my Orks). Ideally, this will match up with some terrain that I will be making for them (rust-covered Imperial ruins).

And there we are.
... looks like they had a litte run-in with my Cadian 221st. I'll have to talk to the Colonel about that.
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