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Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Loot

Guess what I got for Christmas:
Lots of Space Wolves. Two Wolf Pack boxes and a Rune Priest. Awesome.
Also under the tree was an IG Hellhound, a Tau Crisis Suit, Captain Sicarius, the Dark Angels Fortress and a Shrine of the Aquila. All around an awesome haul. I love my family.

Back to the Space Wolves, I'm not so much a fan of Ragnar ... so what great company are my wolves going to hail from?

My wolves howl unto Harald Deathwolf.

As far as Harald himself, I plan on modeling two versions of him: on foot in Terminator Armour (using Logan's model) and on a Thunderwolf (using Canis' model). Each will have some minor conversions.

Here are the equipment loadouts for the two versions:

on foot: as "Logan Grimnar" - 275 points

on wolf: Frost Axe, Runic Armour, Thunderwolf Mount, Belt of Russ, Saga of the Bear - 250 points.

Logan flat out comes with too many goodies to try and build myself using the standard Wolf Lord equipment. When I run this version, he'll be attached to a unit of Wolf Guard in Termie armour in a Land Raider. Only for high point campaigns, mind you... as this is way expensive.

For the mounted version, he's Harald Deathwolf. His fluff pretty much demands that he ride a Thunderwolf. The sagas are mostly great, but Eternal Warrior is just too much to pass up, given how much of a target he'll be ... so Bear it is.

Now why a Frost Axe instead of a Thunderhammer, or claws? The Frost Axe gives him +1 Strength. So does the Thunderwolf. This means he hits at S:6, I:5 A:6 (base 4, +1 additional ccw, +1 from the Thunderwolf)... A:7 on the charge. That's amazing, And I'd rather not lose that Initiative advantage. When I take the Thunderwolf version, he would join a unit of Fenrisian Wolves, and generally cause mayhem wherever needed.

As I haven't painted SW before, the above model was my "test pancake." It turned out ok, so I'll be pressing on with this method for the rest of them. Expect a SW Step-By-Step to come down the pipe shortly.
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