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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tzeentch Daemon Weapon

I was painting up some CSM last week, and decided while I was at it, to attack a project I had been meaning to do for a while; My CSM Lord already has three magnetized daemon weapons (undivided, Khorne, and Nurgle). It was time for change...

The Tzeentch daemon weapon has gun stats as well as melee abilities, so I was hoping to find something that looked like a cool gun. What I settled on was the old metal Kai Gun that came with an older Chaos Terminator Lord:
My only problem with it is that it's a right arm, and the options in the latest codex have the weapon replace your melee option (which I've modeled on the left arm).

...out comes the hacksaw:

I'm not very good at greenstuff, but I'm ok at filling seams and doing small-scale stuff. All I did here was flip the shoulder section around so it will work as a left arm (I also drilled a hole for a magnet):
Now the only thing that still bugged me was that little circular joint near the elbow that typically sits on the outside of the arm, so I greenstuffed one for the other side (this is about as ambitious as I get with greenstuff:

Here's the finished product:
and attached to the model:
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