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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Space Hulk Mission 3

Time for another round of Space Hulk with the wife. She seems to have the sneaking suspicion that I may have not been giving my A game in the first 2 rounds, and has decided that a mere cup of tea is not high enough stakes!

Should I lose this round...
I vacuum the house. Should I win, she makes me some gingerbread cookies. And I loooove Katie's gingerbread cookies, so it is definitely ON!

Here's the setup:
She gets 10 terminators in two squads. Sgt. Lorenzo's squad begins in the corridors to the north-east. Sgt. Gideon's squad begins play in the southwest. Her goal is to escort a C.A.T. (which is currently with Sgt. Lorenzo's squad) off the board at Sgt. Gideon's starting zone. With 10 terminators, and me only getting 2 blips/turn ... I'm not so sure about my chances with those cookies...
Katie sets up her models.

Turn 1:
Sgt. Gideon moves to cover the genestealer entry points immediately to the west with a liberal use of command points and even sets him to Guard. Brother Omnio stands as backup, while the rest of the squad moves to secure the mid-section of the board. Gideon and Omnio must hold this area, or Lorenzo's squad will have a hard time getting the C.A.T off the board here.

Meanwhile, Brother Noctis takes the charge. Brother Scipio holds the C.A.T.

My first blip is placed in the mid-section. I see this as my only chance to really stop this mission is to flood the mid-section with genestealers...
But I can't let the wife know that. ;) I've thrown a single genestealer blip to lurk down by Gideon just to keep her attention split (Since Gideon is within 6 squares, the blip must lurk a turn before entering the board).

Turn 2:
Sgt. Gideon and Omio hold position. The rest of the squad plow onward. I throw my genestealer at Gideon and the valiant sergeant promptly makes its face explode.

Katie positions Brother Noctis to cover the north corridor. I allocate one of my two blips to the midsection. Each one is lurking behind a door or at an intersection.

My second blip was placed down here, mainly to keep Brother Zael and Goriel's attention.

Turn 3:
I've thrown another blip into this stalemate with Goriel. He positions himself to allow Brother Zael to move onward.
As with the first two turns, my other blip is in the mid-section. I anxiously await Sgt. Lorenzo and Brother Scipio to arrive carrying the C.A.T. >:)

Turn 4:
Lorenzo and Scipio set up in the room and open the door. I throw another blip in the midsection. The tension is certainly rising. I also have my two blips in the south charge Brother Goriel, so Katie isn't completely focusing on what's going to happen with Scipio and Lorenzo...

Down by Sgt. Gideon, I've placed my second blip of the turn to lurk there. I don't want her feeling it is safe to have him help out the middle.

Turn 5:
Gideon's squad approaches, and Scipio and Lorenzo hold, waiting for the assistance. I chose to strike now before Gideon's squad could fully assist. While Scipio's Overwatch took out 2 genestealers, the third got him and took him out. Sgt. Lorenzo took out the offending xeno, but was then falls prey to a hideous roll. He parried my high dice (a 5, which re-rolled to a 4), and rolled a 1 himself! Guard allowed him to reroll, but again he rolled a 1! Alas! Sgt. Lorenzo is no more! The genestealer moves to engage Brother Zael!

Turn 6:
Brother Noctis wheels south and sets Overwatch, fearing the worst! A newly allocated blip races down the north corridor unmolested! He's right behind you!

Brother Zael is creamed!

With enough mahem going on here, I allocate another blip to lurk by Sgt. Gideon again. I want to try and overwhelm him.

Turn 7:
Sgt. Gideon lasts this round holding off the tide (he stalemated with the front stealer).

We rolled a 2 to determine who moves the C.A.T. 1-3 means the genestealer player moves it ... and I moved it north west ... into the den of the genestealers midsection. This is going to be hard to recover...

Turn 8:
Brother Noctis falls to the swarm, beset on both sides. Brother Goriel moves to hopefully recover some of the mess. Blips now flow freely from the location he was guarding.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Gideon destroys 5 genestealers, only to be felled by the sixth. Brother Omnio uttered a curse and destroyed the foul thing with his Storm Bolter.

Turn 9:
The genestealers are waiting behind doors. At this point, time is on my side. Every turn gives me two more blips. Katie realizes this and moves Brother Valencio to the door, and sets overwatch. The C.A.T. roll goes in my favor again, and the little treaded crazy moves further out of their reach.

Brother Goriel clears out a few of the beasts, but gets into close combat with one...

Turn 10:
and doesn't last long. Brother Valencio takes out the first genestealer who opens the door, but jams and falls to the second. This is an unholy day.

Turn 11:
Even Brother Leon falls! Brother Deino sets up in the corner to deal with the horde, while Brother Omnio leaves his post to assist. Fresh blips pour from where he was guarding! The exit is cut off!

Turn 12:
Brother Omnio realizes his mistake and wheels around, setting Overwatch. Foul, crafty xenos!

Turn 13:
The horde overwhelms Brother Deino (seriously, just check out how many have been grouping up here! There's a veritable congo line of blips back there!).

Turn 14:
Omio wheels around again! He can't decide which direction to watch! A blip closes from behind!

Turn 15:
Brother Omnio moves to set himself in a corner. All enemies to the front, his last stand will be made here! The Emperor will find no claw marks at his back, only thousands of spent Bolter casings and tyranid carcasses before him, finally laid low by some lucky stealer in the back!

... not really. He jammed on his first shot and died without killing a single genestealer.
You lose! Good DAY, Sir!

Aaaaaah, yes! My prize! Omnomnomnomnomnomnom! ^^
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