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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Painted CSM Nurgle Sorcerer

This beauty of a model comes from Forgeworld. From the first moment I saw a teaser pic of him off of BOLS, I knew he'd be mine ;)

The real task for me was making him both appropriately "nurgly" and still keeping him Black Legion to fit with the rest of my Chaos Space Marine army. This presented some challenges, as my gut just wanted me to paint him up in Death Legion colors to really get the point across ... but then he'd be an outsider. So I was left with keeping his armour black and gold, while focusing on the exposed skin and the breaks in the armour to get the Nurgle touches in.

The skin-tone was fun. All of the fleshy stuff was base-coated in Dheneb Stone. This was followed by a heavy Ogryn Flesh wash. When that was dry, I hit those areas of flesh that felt like they REALLY got the Nurgle-rot with a Thraka Green wash. Now, as you can see in the sections of his arm above, this blended with the already Ogryn Fleshed areas to make a truly sickening green. These areas were then even coated with 'Ardcoat to make them seem shiny and still wet. My wife can hardly look at this model, it makes her want to retch.

Awesome. :)

The areas on his stomach looked extra corroded, and all my biology classes in college certainly did not go to waste in getting this gruesome detail. These areas looked like they were beneath the skin layer, so I painted them to look like subcutaneous fat would. They were based with Iyanden Darksun and then washed with Baal Red, to look like semi-bloody yellowish fat. The large section was touched with a bit of green too.

The black armour was based in Charadon Granite, washed with Badab Black, then highlighted with Codex Grey.

The bright green effects were Scorpion Green, strategically washed with Thraka Green. The effect on the blade was taken further with some Devlan Mud to get it to completely blend into the blade.

Rust effects was a very light drybrush of Solar Macharius Orange. It's not a bright orange, which is why I like it for this purpose. Be sure to really dry out that brush, it's a foundation paint which means it goes on thicker than you expect.

Let me know what you guys think...
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