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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Holiday Season was Rough

Lots of stuff has been going on over the last few months. New job is keeping me much busier, and a lot of friends and family obligations. All of which led to my not posting as much as I would like.

I'll be spreading out a few things that happened over the holiday season over the next few posts to keep you all up.


Had a game a little while back. Aernout brought his Tyranids, and Joe brought his Black Templars to tear it up on the lush turf of the Eldar Maiden World we built together.

Table Quarters, Kill Points. Joe had utmost confidence in the HtH capabilities of his Black Templars, despite our best efforts to point out the mass of pointy things aimed his way in Aernout's swarm...

Here's a bit of a close-up on Aernout's Winged Hive Tyrant. The paint-job isn't finished, but damn it looks good (The wings are from the LOTR Balrog model. You can order them solo off of GW's site).

Given they were both deploying for the assault, this inevitably happened in Turn 2. Aernout's genestealers charged Joe's 20-man squad of marines and neophytes. They took out a bunch of marines but were wiped out completely. Especially once that Chaplain joined in. Despite the loss of the genestealers, they held Joe's marines until Aernout's 32-strong swarm of Hormagaunts with Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands could join in. Joe's squads were destroyed. Hive Tyrant took out the Dreadnought, Warriors joined the Hormagaunt fray to eventually take out the Chaplain.

Sweeping Victory for Aernout's Tyranids.

Sorry the details are a bit vague, it was a bit ago and I didn't write down all that happened.
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