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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MERCS KemVar test model

Spent some time picking out paints for the KemVar Caes de Guerra, and decided that the guinea pig would be Alejandro here.

I also played a little bit with object-source lighting techniques, something I've been wanting to get more into for a while now.

For the most part, I painted him to follow the KemVar concept art up on the MERCS site.  The minis on their site deviate a bit in their paint schemes, but I liked the concept art.  The only real thing I changed was to make the green armor a camo-pattern.  I did this because this team's speciality is an active-camouflage system, which helps out their evasion during battle.  I thought it appropriate to paint their armor in camo-pattern to better tie into this.

Finding that camo pattern took me a while, though.  I took a picture of three of the color schemes I tested out (leftover GW slotta bases make excellent proof of concept color testers).  Each pattern had a combination of three base colors, a wash, then a glaze.  I ended up going with the middle sample, as its effect was closest overall to the squad's canon green.
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