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Monday, October 20, 2008

Autarch on a Jetbike

This is my entry for Fritz's Contest.
You can vote on his site and please do, there are lots of great entries.

Despite my love for this model, I don't think I'm going to win this one. Part of this is due to that I had this boy assembled and primered right before the announcement, so too much conversion was already out of the question ... the underslung Reaper Launcher is magnetized, however ... and can be replaced with a Fusion gun.

So basically my only hope at winning this was with a paint-job (but the competition is fierce and the conversion-fiends definitely brought their game-paint. See Ron Saikowski's entry as well as Bill Lewis'. That is some seriously amazing work, guys.)

My Autarch is of the Alaitoc Craftworld, and as they're referred to as "The Starstriders," I thought I would take that as inspiration for the paint-scheme, and painted a galactic and star-ridden carapace. The Alaitoc symbol has runes of the various aspects painted down the blade, so that it looks more like Khaine's Wailing Doom (which has runes down it). I imagine that these are some of the aspects that he favors after having walked all paths towards being an Autarch.
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