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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Rangers. I've said before that I love me some Infiltrate and I mean it. I'm taking two 5-man squads of Rangers as two of my Troops choices.

Not only do they infiltrate, but like some of my Dark Angels Scouts, they have sniper weapons.
Always hit on a 2+, always wound on a 4+. In addition, they cause 'pinning.'

Incase you're new to 40k, Pinning occurs whenever my Rangers cause a wound with those sniper weapons. Every time you're wounded, you make a leadership test. If it's failed, your unit is "pinned," unable to move or shoot in their next turn. They've effectively thrown themselves to the ground, unaware of where the shots are coming from.

With two of these squads, I can shoot at and hopefully pin TWO enemy units; something I could not do with one squad of 10. These guys do not have the strict regimentation of the Dark Angels, so there's no 'Combat Squads' rule to help me out here. Everything with the Eldar must be precise, clean, and with clear purpose. All else is waste. As it should be.
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